Enjoy Achari Pulao made with Indian Mango Pickle

What do we imagine when thinking of Indian cuisine? Delicious flavour-packed rice dishes with an assortment of sides.

India is known for its variety of spices and flavours. Especially the sour and tangy Indian pickles. The wide array of pickles that can be found here will have your mouth watering. Carrots, Garlic, Cucumber, Onion, Amla you name it and we have it pickled. Nevertheless, the most popular choice remains to be Aam Ka Achar, which is the traditional Indian mango pickle.

Achari Pulao quite literally translates to Pickley Rice Dish or pickle flavoured rice dish and it sure does sound appetising. So, how exactly is this spicy, taste bud tantalising recipe called Achari Pulao made? How do you flavour rice with Indian mango pickle? Brace yourselves because you are about to lay your eyes upon one of the best Achari Pulao Recipes.

How to make Achari Pulao

Now, everyone has an idea of how to make a basic pulao. It is just carefully spiced rice after all. What makes an Achari Pulao stand out is the Aam ka achar incorporated in it.

This dish is a burst of flavours in your mouth and will leave you craving for more. The salty and sour yet sweet and nutty flavour of the Indian mango pickle really expands the palate and creates the most intoxicating flavour profile possible.

What you will need:

Everything that is needed in making an Achari Pulao can surely be found in an Indian kitchen. This can also be a quick one-pot recipe if you want to be efficient.

You will require your basic spices and choice of basmati rice along with our main ingredient mango pickle or Aam ka achar.

How to add the zingy mango pickle?

You can not add full slices of mango pickle into the spiced rice. Hence, first, blend a good amount of the SWAD Aam ka achar into a mixer or a grinder and obtain a rough paste.

Next, soak the rice as you normally would while moving on to the flavouring factor of the Achari Pulao.

For the savoury and tangy goodness, accumulate all the spices in your kitchen such as coriander and cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, cardamom, mustard seeds, fennel seeds and fry them in a traditional cooker until the seeds crackle and the aroma attracts your family. Then it is time to add the wet ingredients and raw spices such as the ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, chilli powder, garam masala, salt, pepper and finally our piquant aam ka achaar paste that we prepared earlier.

The flavoursome base of our achari pulao is now ready. Try to resist finishing it all in the name of a taste test. Adding the soaked rice with hot water to cook is the culminating for the preparation before leaving it to absorb all the flavours.

The achari pulao should be ready in about a couple of the cooker whistles. Open, garnish to your liking and dig in!

The Aftermath with SWAD

We are positive that your loved ones will devour this delectable meal. Maybe even more than they love you. Jokes aside, this is seriously one of the best comfort dishes to ever exist. It screams Indian and is the perfect example of Indian cuisine with the amount of flavours it possesses.

Try making this recipe today using the SWAD mango pickle which actually includes a lot of the above-mentioned spices and hence, will boost the flavours of your achari pulao even further. Shop SWAD now!