Top 5 Benefits of Indian Pickles

The Magic of Indian Pickles

For us Indians, Indian Pickles is just a word but Indian Aachars is an emotion. We Indians have mastered the art of being able to pickle anything and everything. 

Aachars are one of the most essential components & delicious parts of an authentic Indian meal. Indian pickles surely complete every meal and people in India enjoys their dining experience with a spoon full of flavourful achar. 

The mix is known by different names in every part of the country and each state of India has nearly around 7-8 different types of pickle recipes in their bucket. 

Surprisingly each pickle takes uniquely different and has an authentic grandma’s recipe attached to its preparation.

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The bottled goodness of Indian Pickles

Achars have been the most integrated part of our day to day life, and are consumed in various different ways but we all question the marmalade the most about it being healthy or should we consume it. 

The answer is simple, YES the mix is extremely healthy as it has various rich health benefits to offer. 

There are nearly 40 to 50 different types of achars we Indians know and have been preparing it since ancient times. 

Be it any part of the world an Indian can never be away or deny their love towards pickles.

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Down the memory lane:

It has been everyone’s childhood memory to help our mother and grandmothers in the kitchen during summers to steal those zestfully sour mangoes and lick some spicy pickle mix. 

Each sinful flavour of marmalade has its unique and mind-blowing recipe and preparation technique. 

Some pickles are 1st fermented and then mixed with a spicy mix wherein on the other hand some pickles are 1st mixed and then left for fermentation. 

Due to the perfect blended mix of aromatic oils and authentic Indian spices, the shelf life of each pickle is high

The pickles can be easily consumed and stored for a year-long without having to lose their health benefits or nutritional value. 

Each pickle is made with the goodness and richness of fresh farm picked fruits and vegetables which offers a refreshing and flavourful taste to the entire achar.

Healthiness Bottled Up:

We often misunderstand pickles to be non-healthy due to the excessive use of oils and spices. but little do we know Indian Pickles are extremely healthy and offer various health benefits. 

The mix is not just loved and adored by children but even elders can never say no to a zestful spoon of some authentic Indian Pickles. 

We should think about how can this zestful mix of flavours ever be harmful? 

Here is the list of some interesting and fun healthy benefits marmalade has to offer us.

  1. Controls Blood Sugar Level 

As most of the pickles are fermented with vinegar, they are a great source of controlling blood sugar levels. 

The vinegar present in the pickles accelerated our body’s response towards insulin and helps reduce blood sugar levels. 

Surprising isn’t it? 

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  1. Maintains good immunity 

The mix has the superpower to not just satisfy our Indian food cravings but also fight diseases. 

It is scientifically proven that pickles have the ability to fight cancer cells and cure various heart diseases. 

The mix also has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it easy for the body to fight against bacteria and harmful germs.

  1. Antioxidant property

Due to their great antioxidant property Indian Pickles not just protects our body from the attack of free radicals but also provides use various nutrients and minerals. 

Be its ripe fruits, various vegetables or raw fruits each ingredient used in the making of the mix are a great source for our health and well being.

  1. Rich Source of various Vitamins

Indian pickles are one of the rich sources of a variety of nutrients like carbohydrates, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and many more. 

Pickles are also a good source of a lot of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, etc. 

Now, what is stopping you from including the mix in your daily diet?

  1. Helps in Digestion and Weight Loss 

The mix boosts the digestion process by helping in the growth of healthy bacteria in our bodies. 

Even though our body produces good bacteria / probiotic bacteria which help in digestion but due to our unhealthy lifestyles & improper eating habits they are greatly affected. 

Pickles help to overcome the deficiencies of these bacteria and improve digestion. 

Apart from digestion, the delicious mix is also proven to help in weight loss. due to the correct mixture of fresh farm picked ingredients the mix helps in reducing excess fat present in the body and also converts the fat into energy. 

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Just like every other daily routine, it is very important for us to provide equal importance to our nutrition which helps us lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

There are many myths regarding Indian Pickles but the fact is right here in front of you. 

Indian Pickles are not just beneficial for our body but also preserve the richness of our authentic Indian kitchen culture. 

Next time someone tells you pickles are not healthy, make sure to make them read this blog. 

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