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SWAD Green Chilli Pickle-400g

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Swad’s green chilli pickle is the perfect way to relish the flavorful spice of the finest quality green chillies marinated with the perfect mix of spices & aromatic oils. For everyone who is a spicy food lover, this pickle is an absolute blessing.

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Relish the heat of finest quality green chillies dipped in the perfect mix of spices and vegetable oil. Swad’s green chilli pickle will take your taste-buds to a never had before experience. Rich in dietary fibers & helpful in better digestion and healthier skin, chillies are a great source of Vitamin C. The tang of desi masalas blending in with the hotness of select Indian chillies certainly makes a perfect companion for every meal. For every lover of spicy food, this pickle is an absolute blessing.

19 reviews for SWAD Green Chilli Pickle-400g

  1. Palak savaliya

    This all rhe item is very good in quality and test. And also quantity is good in this prise

  2. Piyush Dhameliya


  3. Akki


  4. Chora

    Yummy achar

  5. Chirag


  6. Sonal

    Very nice 🙂

  7. Nisha

    Good 👍

  8. Harsh

    The best ever taste for green chilly

  9. Mitul

    Very good test

  10. Milan

    ૧૦૦% swad best

  11. Pooja

    Very good test

  12. Haresh

    Good 😊

  13. Rohit

    People at the shop were very polite and gave us a taste of all their pickles. Pickles are nice, fresh and tasty. Happy with my experience.

  14. Suvarna

    Good pickle

  15. Anil Khadke

    Very nice & Tastey items

  16. prashant

    Very good taste must try

  17. Raghu

    Nice spicy taste

  18. Shweta

    Taste was good

  19. Shweta

    Taste was good. Nice!

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