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SWAD Methia Mango Pickle 400g

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Swad’s Methia Mango pickle offers a rich tantalizing taste which will definitely enhance the goodness of every meal. The freshness of mango and the aromatic flavours of Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, and a mix of authentic Indian spices will keep the flavour intact.

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Swad’s Methia Mango Pickle Offers A Tantalizing Taste That You Just Can?T Get Enough Of. Stock Up Jars Of The?Products?And Have Them With Anything, Anytime. Apart From Its Unique Taste, It Offers Benefits For Hair, Skin, Diabetes Control, And Digestion. The Freshness Of Mango And The Aroma Of Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, And A Lot Of Spices Will Keep The Flavor Alive For A Really Long.?

4 reviews for SWAD Methia Mango Pickle 400g

  1. Payal

    Good product

  2. Pintuben

    Good product 👍

  3. Purva

    Awesome 😋

  4. Yash

    It’s very good product 👌

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