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SWAD Kashmiri Masala Paste 300g


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Swad’s Kashmiri paste is the perfect combination of the spicy taste of spices and the sweet taste of dry fruits. The paste enhances the rich aromatic taste of Indian Garam Masala, Cumins, Red Chillies, Coriander and freshly hand-churned ginger. The paste evinces the authentic taste of Northern India speaking the rich volumes of Kashmiri spices.

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The Stronger And Hotter Distant Relative Of The Famous Garam Masala. Swads Kashmiri Masala Paste Has The Heat Of Garam Masala, Black Cumin, Red Chilies, Coriander, And Ginger. Originating In The Northernmost Regions Of The Country, This Recipe Speaks Volumes Of The Richness Of The Spices In Kashmir. With A Mild Crunch Of Kashmiri Dry Fruits To Balance The Heat With A Tinge Of Sweetness, The Kashmiri Masala Paste Is Used In Making A Variety Of Nonveg Dishes.


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