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SWAD Rogan Josh Paste 300g


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The perfect marinade for your chicken, lamb, and beef curry. Swad’s Rogan Josh Curry paste is a recipe that originates in the Kashmir region. The mellowness of Kashmiri spices is finely grounded to create a paste form with tomato and cardamom as the soul of the flavors making it one of the most loved and versatile curry pastes in the world.

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The Perfect Marinade For Your Chicken, Lamb, And Beef Curry. The Rogan Josh Paste Is A Recipe That Originates In The Kashmir Region. The Mellowness Of Kashmiri Spices Finely Ground To Paste While Primarily Having Tomato And Cardamom As The Soul Of The Flavor. Swad?S Rogan Josh Paste One Of The Most Versatile Curry Pastes Used Across The Globe.


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