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SWAD Biryani Paste 300g


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The taste of authentic Mughlai style takes you back in time. The perfect blend of exotic spices and the freshness of herds will offer the finest of flavours and the best of aroma. Adding a strong spicy taste and aroma in both veg and non-veg biryani. The Swad’s Biryani paste takes your Taste-Buds on a sinful trip.

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Let The Taste Of Authentic Mughlai Style Biryani Take You Back In Time. The Perfect Blend Of Exotic Spices And The Freshness Of Herbs Will Offer The Finest Of Flavors And The Best Of Health. Adding A Strong Spicy Taste And Rich Aroma To Both Veg & Non-Veg Biryani. The Swad Biryani Paste Is Bound To Remind Your Taste-Buds Of The Streets Of Hyderabad.


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