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SWAD Balti Paste 300g


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A perfect mix of traditional spices beautifully blended along with the richness of Cumin, Garlic, and Paprika. The Balti paste lets you discover the real flavors of mild as well as strong Indian spices. An ideal fit for a variety of dishes, Swad’s Balti paste allows you to experiment with your culinary skills in many different Indian cuisines.

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A Perfect Mix Of Traditional Spices Beautifully Blended Along With The Richness Of Cumin, Garlic, And Paprika. The Balti Paste Lets You Discover The Real Flavor Of Mild As Well As Strong Indian Spices. An Ideal Fit For A Variety Of Dishes, Swads Balti Paste Allows You To Experiment With Your Culinary Skills In Many Ways.


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