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SWAD Ready to Eat Dal Tadka 450g

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Swad The taste of traditional flavours, herbs and seasoning, packed with love and fragrance of home cooked meals is swad primary promise. With dual income households where both men and women are working, Swad Ready-To-Eat range is gaining a lot of popularity. It is also a boon for students away from home for college, and for people working in different cities and even countries. The ease of preparation along with authentic taste is one of the biggest reasons why this category is the most loved by people across the globe. Made out of the finest moong beans, Swad Dal Tadka is the most consumed dal among Indians, all over the world. With flavours of fresh coriander, ginger and curry leaves, this dal not only tastes delicious but is also full of healthy nutrients. A staple in most Indian households, Dal Tadka holds a special place in most families. You can serve it with boiled rice, mutter pulaao, biryani, naan, tandoori roti or any other flat bread.