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SWAD Hot Mango Chutney 500g


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Swad’s Hot Mango Chutney is curated with the spicy ting of extra boiled chillies clinging on to its roots & origin in Punjab. Tenderized in jaggery, mixed with spices and marinated in sugar syrup along with Indian spices and then Sun-dried in the traditional Indian way. 

The top-end quality and genuine warmth of homemade taste makes this chutney prefered for Indian food lovers worldwide.

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With The Spicy Kick Of Extra Boiled Chilies Clings On To Its Roots Of Origin In Punjab. Tenderized In Jaggery, Mixed With Spices, Simmered In Sugar Syrup Along With Spices, And Sun-Cooked In The Traditional Indian Way. Swads Hot Mango Chutney Is A Delicious Recipe That Serves Its Purpose Of An Accompaniment To Perfection. Top-End Quality And The Genuine Warmth Of Homemade Taste Makes This Product Preference For? Indian Food Lovers Everywhere.


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